Where do your candidates stand on climate change and clean energy?

Check the voting records and statements of your the candidates!

Use this tool to see the climate & energy voting records and position statements by candidates on the ballot in 2018. 

Votes on bills from 2015 to 2018 are shown; for the MN House, very few 2018 votes are recorded here; this is because nearly all votes in the House in 2018 were on 'Omnibus' bills. 

If you know of any statements on climate & energy by your elected officials or candidates please click the "report a statement" link to add that statement to our data.  

Scroll down to see a calendar of candidate forums. On this calendar, for many candidate forums that have already happened if you click on the calendar item you can see a link to video of the event and info about any question related to climate or energy.   


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Here's the calendar of candidate forums and debates we know of.

For many of the candidate forums that have already gone by, if you click the calendar item you may find a link to video of the event and info about climate/energy questions at the event.